Saturday, 29 December 2012

Happy New year

Hello hello.. Its been days since I logged into blogger and wrote a post !Thats because its an year end and I want to relax. I made a Rosie skirt from Cal Patch's book as a part of the draft-along.I made a Parisian Jacket from Sew serendipity. which turned out to be a flop and wasted all my wonderful wool fabric ! But the good news is I have been snooping around all your blogs and enjoying reading giving a break from posting myself LOL. Will write soon about my projects in the last month of 2012.

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Making the muslin

Thanks to all the lovely readers who appreciated my chevron skirt. This is a small update on the muslin I made for the T shirt draft along.. at Sewcountrychick. Did it really work out well for you ? Justine's was a success. Okie dokie,  sewers who are drafting along I need some suggestions.. So please read and tell me what you feel. 

Friday, 7 December 2012

Friday, 30 November 2012

Someone said my blog is lovely:)

Little Black Dress

A little update on making the Little black dress.. Completed it last week and my sweet friend posed for the pics. Good that my dress fit her well ;)


Simple Scarf Completed

Challenging time again!! Completed a scarf...

Saturday, 24 November 2012

DIY-Painted Pebbles as pattern weights

Sometimes its a joy to make stuffs like kids and enjoy like them. I painted some pebbles which I can call is perfect for kids craft ;). But I use it as pattern weights. My pattern cut outs on fabric look so colorful now.  

Here there are my KopyKat Nature Pebbles and how I made them.

Monday, 19 November 2012

Chevron Skirt Tutorial

After completing my Chevron skirt and being happy . Here I blog about how I made it. Simple and easy. Of course if you are not lucky to find your choice of color with chevron print. Then this one is for you :)

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Design it yourself clothes book tour with the Basic skirt

The wait is over .. As I had mentioned in my previous post that I am taking part in the draft along. And my skirt is done.  I drafted it from the book Design it yourself clothes by Cal Patch. Some measurements did not work for me. So I corrected them and have written tips on how we can correct it for a perfect fit. I have also shared a lot links to techniques and tutorials I used in sewing this skirt.. So happy reading along..

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Drafting a Skirt for women

How is your weekend going,  lazy ?... Well not mine. I am participating in a draft along. So getting geared up to finish my self drafted A Line skirt. If you have the Design it Yourself book , then head on to Justine's blog here and see for yourself if you too can participate.

I am done drafting the pattern and verified with one of the skirts I have , looks fine. So will not sew a muslin. You see the fabric I have purchased is a green and no prints. I am planning to do some fabric painting on the fabric I have chosen. Wishing myself all the luck. Will be updating soon after I finish painting and sewing the skirt.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Fabric belt tutorial

Hello lovely readers , how ya all doing ? :) A little sewing update from my side. I made a belt recently. A simple one. Many more funky designs are on the way. Just thought of sharing the tutorial .A belt simply adds to the beauty of any garment, this one has a bright and bold buckle which is fun to wear with black jeans.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Weekend Wonders Link party

Hello my lovely readers. Today I shall be guest hosting a Link party,thanks to the hosts. So come lets party.. Share your crafts and join the fun !!

One of my *favorite* parts about blogging is all of the amazing creativity out there in blogland! I'm so excited to see what everyone shares! Plus, since I'm co-hosting this link party, everything you share here will also be shared over at The Thriftiness Miss plus our weekly guest host. So, three blogs equals three times the exposure for your awesomeness!

This party has been so fun and has grown so fast, that we wanted to share the party every week with a guest host! This week's guest host is Diya from The Hobby Harbor .Diya is a sewing enthusiast. She is always sharing a fun sewing project and tutorial on her fun blog.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Sewing Shorts! + Free pattern

Cutting some shorts stories long!! I made three shorts. Cool right!. I love to draft and design my own clothes.My Cherry blouse was the first one to join the queue. Sometimes I like using patterns too. So a mixture of this and that is the sewing side of me and this post. Here I write about the free pattern I used and the drafting I did for making some cool shorts..

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

It is so very cherry blouse

Beauty lies in size and symmetry - Aristotle. Hmm.. true , but does that apply to the clothes we make ? Not really right ? or may be I am justifying the blouse I made recently with an asymmetric button band. 
Never mind, here are some snaps of the recent product from my mini sewing room. psst..I drafted it myself ;)

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Pin Tucked skirt for girlsfrom the Sewing book

She smiled as she tore open the gift wrapper and saw the skirt inside.. She squealed with joy when she noticed that the skirt had pockets !! My efforts are paid off well.yeahhh!

Friday, 21 September 2012

Falling Neck Top + Tutorial link

Just finished one messy project and here is another!! Nope not with paints this time, but with a messy printed fabric.. Ohh !! I love the way the neckline drapes .. This one was for my client aka friend.
She obliged to get herself clicked in a lot of pics indoors and outdoors... Here they are.

Friday, 7 September 2012

A friendly canvas remix

Its such a happy moment when we make something and gift it to our friends or family .. right ? M sure you just said an 'yes'.. My close friend moved into a new home recenlty and I wanted to make something for her room.. Wanted to make something with a touch of "Funkiness" !! So here is what I made...

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Swatch Notebook free download

Tied and dyed prints are my favourites. How about you, you 'Like it' , 'Love it' or 'Its so Meh!'?.I always have a fascination for them.  I have enjoyed dyeing and creating colorful fabrics.Today I am sharing with you all a Tie Dye printed folder I made when I learnt sewing in high school. I treasure it till date. Also a wonderful "sewing tip". I did not print the fabric used for this project,how I wish I had LOL.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

How to make Banded Bag Handles / Bangles

Thanks a lot to my lovely readers for your comments on my first handbag! When I showed the bag to my friends and family they loved the bag and the handles. So here is a tiny tutorial on how I made them.
This the banded bag handle. More picture of the bag you can view here.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Gold spotted handYbag

Hello :) You must be wondering what this is right ? These are the phrases which describe my first handbag , yippee ! Made it for the Handbag contest @
Just a glimpse of someone having a handbag sort of like this ,at some party and I wanted to make one! Phew!! Hunting all the supplies required in stores was a tough one.

Monday, 30 July 2012

Made for each other

What was in Q(read as queue as well ;)) for me was Quilting. This thought was lingering on my mind for quite some time "Why not grab the opportunity for the 2-in-1 sewing challenge ". When i sat on this Saturday about thinking which project i shall choose for this challenge, a lot of ideas came flying! I decided to make Quilted Pot Holders which can be used as Mug Rugs as well.:)

Many thanks to Rikka of Ricochet and Away for hosting this challenge !!

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Miniature Mania

Its a sunday noon and the clouds are grey and confused. They look as if they are in deep thought whether to pour down or not! And am at home with a train of ideas of 'things to do' , but the enthusiasm to create something today is not so driving. So i started looking at my display case which holds some of my handmade stuff. The mini pots(earthen) which i had painted caught my eye. 
So be it.
 Let me call this a Snappy Sunday. As in i decided to click snaps of these cuty mini painted pots and add them here.

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Damask Tunic from the Sew Serendipity book

This post is delayed by a month I suppose.Although I made this blouse long time back I found time now to update about it in my blog. I was occupied sewing my three blouses for an exciting contest. But here it is , making its way to my blog today! Its a peasant top or rather i can also call it a pleasant one LOL..

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

One pattern many looks contest

Excitement filled my sewing space soon after i joined the - 'One pattern many views ' contest hosted on I am a newbie and my first pattern was a Sorbetto and later i made the JJBlouse.
I opted to choose my favourite JJ Blouse pattern and I sewed 3 variations from 3 different fabric materials.
This is how the JJ Blouse line drawing looks...So frilly and pretty isnt it ?
Here are my versions... Not 1 , not 2 but 3!!!.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Burdastyle Sewing Handbook review

I was very excited to flip throught he pages of the Burdastyle sewing handbook. The very first glance I fell in love with most of the patterns in the book.This is just a short post on what I feel about this lovely book. All opinions are 100% mine. I am sorry to say that I do not have any photos to publish(somehow I feel it is not right to click photos of a book and post it here. But the book can be previewed here so thats a good news.
Getting Started:This is about basic introduction to sewing machine and tools required.Also there are some colorful pictures of some sewing studios.How I wish I had such sophisticated sewing spaces.
Using Patterns:Describes how to use the 5 patterns that arrive with the book. They are printed on same paper. Tells how we have to trace (your size) separately and use it.There is an A-Line skirt , A 3/4th sleeve blouse, Sleeveless dress, A coat and a bag. Each of the projects have 2 variations each. So all in all 15 projects:)
Let's Start Sewing :Describes the basic stitching techniques and finishing techniques. Not many illustrations here so i feel it cannot be a complete replacement to a reference book.But this book is on patterns and not a techniques book. So thats fine. Also explains about different fabric types.
The Skirt , The Blouse ,The Dress, The Coat, The Bag :1 chapter on each project.
Glossary:This is good as a beginner I could refer to terms which I did not know
My Experience :
I have used the blouse and the dress pattern. The jacket pattern is on my list too.While making the projects I did not find any difficulty in reading the instructions. Not all sewing steps have visuals . But it was okay for me.
I shall keep updating the patterns i sew from this book (many in queue.. guess the jacket is on top in list) you can keep visiting here.
A little bit note on the patterns :
Multisized 34-42(BurdaSizing) We have to trace out our size from these. So your patterns stay intact and you can trace it when you want :) Thats like a bonus.
Every pattern has 2 variations so all in all 15!!
The variations are fun to do as we get a feel of almost drafting a pattern.Steps of these are in continuation with the main project. So you need to look back at times.
Look and feel:
Hard Spiral bound. Looks Sturdy and since its spiral bound we are bound to like it when we keep it open while sewing.
Each project has only one clear and big photo of the Front view. This is the one which a model is wearing so we get to know the fit and style. There are no other detailed photographs of the projects.
The steps are well illustrated. Steps are well written and multiple steps are combined in one illustration. I personally feel the illustrations are not very easy at the first go for a beginner.But no need to loose heart read it twice and its all understandable.
If you like the patterns in the book then its for you..
Have you bought a copy yourself ? How was your experience using it:)?

Floral Dress completed

A little update from my sewing room - A third project completed form the Burdastyle sewing handbook. For a change its not a Blouse .. it’s a dress !! Pretty fabric with floral print and rows tucks all along on the fabric.


Sunday, 10 June 2012

Burdastyle Blouse - Novitas Variation

Its nice to sit cosy on a lazy sunday afternoon and blogging!
I finished my second burdastyle blouse last week ! Yay...
And I think the outcome is pretty much lovable. Here it is :

Burdastyle sewing handbook novitas variation tent top
My fav tent top

Sunday, 3 June 2012

JJ Blouse - Ruffles Rage

Yeah !! very happy that my first frilly Blouse is complete :) I love these dramatic Ruffles.

burdastyle JJ blouse with ruffles

I was eyeing this fabric(which was in my stash for more than a month for now) to sew a blouse from when I purchased it.. finally got time to sew it yesterday. The fabric is pure cotton , lovely light yellow color with self design. Chose a frilly blouse as the fabric looks quite plain otherwise.Just adding some snaps of the making to this post.

 burdastyle JJ blouse with ruffles

burdastyle JJ blouse with ruffles  burdastyle JJ blouse with rufflesburdastyle JJ blouse with ruffles  burdastyle JJ blouse with ruffles Overall I am happy with the result. Waiting to wear it and click pictures more with them.
Actually I chose Burda size 36 for this JJ blouse. Its way too big. 34 would do . This pattern runs large, so beware ! It would be better to try out one size less. I have read similar opinions of others who have used this.

burdastyle JJ blouse with ruffles

burdastyle JJ blouse with ruffles
I made a mistake of cutting out the neckline too wide. So the collar doesnt look fitted and great. Anyway I love this Burdastyle JJ blouse pattern so much that I would be making one more again. So I would not be repeating the same mistake again:D
It is wonderful to see so many pretty and cute JJ blouses on the Burdastyle site. If you havent made one then go ahead and make one :) Review @ PR.

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

PhotoShop and visualize pattern designs

Hello friends.. I like to manipulate photographs and I usually do it for fun.Adding some cool effects to the photos or watermarking or tweaking photos of friends and families:D Today I did a bit of photoshop-ing to find out how my next sewing project would be .
This was the first time I am doing it to see how a top would look ..
The tutorial here by curios kiwi also gives detailed instructions how to do it step by step.Its awesome.
Image from thecuriouskiwi
Also now i can say that i am a proud owner of the burdastyle sewing handbook. And m loooving it .. There are already two projects that I attempted and i have uploaded some snaps here.
I adore the tent top or rather the burdastyle blouse variation.I did not like the fabric print I chose for my first tent top.Thats why I thought of making it all over again.This time I have got some pink and green plaid fabric..
Burdastyle sewing handbook novitas variation tent top

Hmm I am not sure how the top would look with checks.Hence I did this little experiment of using photoshop to visualize the fabric on the pattern. The first one was with stripes and I liked the way the stripes meet at the centre front !!

As the pattern pieces are cut on different grain lines, I had to achieve the directional look. its pretty easy..Just drag the fabric photo to the line drawing.
Then its simple use 'free transform'  to rotate it to give the fabric the direction you want.
Finally this was the result.
Burdastyle sewing handbook novitas variation tent top
Well I did like the way the top looks.. So what next just cut and sew !! will write a post soon after my top is ready .. c ya till then:)

Friday, 25 May 2012

Tutorial-Fabric Painting on shirts

 Off late I have got this fondness for t shirts with huge prints. So it just made me think why not I make something and wear !! I wanted to have a fun theme so I just chose cartoons.. there is a huge list of cartoons that I do really find them cute.. but i chose mickey - my all time favourite.

Fabric painting tutorial painting cartoons on shirts

And here is my Cartoon Tee.. isnt it cute :)?
Why not make one for yourself!!
Here is the tutorial so if you are going to do fabric painting on clothes for first time.. Hope It Helps;)
Things needed :
*Fabric paints , Fabric medium and brushes
*a newspaper
*bright white tee..
*picture of your favourite cartoon
*Fabric pens/Pencil

How to Do:
1) Draw the cartoon with a pencil (or fabric pens) on to the tee.
The picture of mickey i had was very small actually .I had to blow it way too big to draw it on the shirt. As I draw free hand more comfortable, so i directly drew the mickey outline on the tee with a pencil. No effort spent on tracing.

Make sure it covers most of the white space..Bigger the Better;) The picture below you can see my drawing with a pencil.

Fabric painting tutorial painting cartoons on shirts

2) Before getting started with the painting make sure that a newspaper is places in between the front and back of the tshirt. (u could use any separator). jus to avoid the back part of the t shirt catching the paint.
Fabric painting tutorial painting cartoons on shirts

3) Rest was simple just filling up with paints , for my mickey to come alive TaDa!!
For filling the body of the cartoon . lightly mix the paint and medium(use the recommended proportion or paint will spread through the knit t shirt). If we don't mix the paints with water then after the paint dries the paint will be kinda stiff!!

4) After filling all the parts. For the outline use undiluted paint. And do u see the shading effect near mickeys face. You can achieve that by using very little color and more water in the brush and allow the paint to spread through the fabric a little.

Fabric painting tutorial painting cartoons on shirts
 4) Its done . Once paints are dry remove the separator and its ready to wear.
If required you can press the t shirt on the reverse.
One last step we should not forget is to wash the brushes before they paint on them get dried. 

Now mickey is happy to go out with me. LOL :D

If my project motivated you and you make it then do link back to this post thanks.Also do leave me an email.Click here.

Thursday, 17 May 2012

My first post and first top

Hello to the blogging world... This is my very first post on my brand new blog.. And as well as my first top. I am a little excited and nervous. I am excited because blogging is something new to me. But anyway I start off and I will keep you all up to date with interesting posts on dressmaking and DIY crafts. Please stay in touch:)
Here goes the story of my first top I made- When i stumbled upon the Colette patterns sorbetto top I fell for it. Simply loved Sarai's Floral version.
Fished out a green creeper print fabric and lo!! And sewed it :) I found it very easy to make this one!

Free top pattern sorbetto pattern
I love the contrast bias binding...
Free top pattern sorbetto pattern
...and the front pleat
Free top pattern sorbetto pattern
It fits me perfectly and very comfy to wear too!
I am loving it especially the contrast bias binding and the pleated front.. Its very comfortable to wear and easy to sew..
All it takes is a few hours to get it finished!! My complete review on PR.