Wednesday, 30 May 2012

PhotoShop and visualize pattern designs

Hello friends.. I like to manipulate photographs and I usually do it for fun.Adding some cool effects to the photos or watermarking or tweaking photos of friends and families:D Today I did a bit of photoshop-ing to find out how my next sewing project would be .
This was the first time I am doing it to see how a top would look ..
The tutorial here by curios kiwi also gives detailed instructions how to do it step by step.Its awesome.
Image from thecuriouskiwi
Also now i can say that i am a proud owner of the burdastyle sewing handbook. And m loooving it .. There are already two projects that I attempted and i have uploaded some snaps here.
I adore the tent top or rather the burdastyle blouse variation.I did not like the fabric print I chose for my first tent top.Thats why I thought of making it all over again.This time I have got some pink and green plaid fabric..
Burdastyle sewing handbook novitas variation tent top

Hmm I am not sure how the top would look with checks.Hence I did this little experiment of using photoshop to visualize the fabric on the pattern. The first one was with stripes and I liked the way the stripes meet at the centre front !!

As the pattern pieces are cut on different grain lines, I had to achieve the directional look. its pretty easy..Just drag the fabric photo to the line drawing.
Then its simple use 'free transform'  to rotate it to give the fabric the direction you want.
Finally this was the result.
Burdastyle sewing handbook novitas variation tent top
Well I did like the way the top looks.. So what next just cut and sew !! will write a post soon after my top is ready .. c ya till then:)


  1. Hi Diya, your top looks fabulous! I bet it's going to look even more amazing in real life, I can't wait to see it :) I like how you rotated the fabric to get the diagonal, great idea. Thanks for the link-love xx

    1. Thank you for the encouragement:) Finally the top is done and the snaps are here


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