Wednesday, 27 June 2012

One pattern many looks contest

Excitement filled my sewing space soon after i joined the - 'One pattern many views ' contest hosted on I am a newbie and my first pattern was a Sorbetto and later i made the JJBlouse.
I opted to choose my favourite JJ Blouse pattern and I sewed 3 variations from 3 different fabric materials.
This is how the JJ Blouse line drawing looks...So frilly and pretty isnt it ?
Here are my versions... Not 1 , not 2 but 3!!!.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Burdastyle Sewing Handbook review

I was very excited to flip throught he pages of the Burdastyle sewing handbook. The very first glance I fell in love with most of the patterns in the book.This is just a short post on what I feel about this lovely book. All opinions are 100% mine. I am sorry to say that I do not have any photos to publish(somehow I feel it is not right to click photos of a book and post it here. But the book can be previewed here so thats a good news.
Getting Started:This is about basic introduction to sewing machine and tools required.Also there are some colorful pictures of some sewing studios.How I wish I had such sophisticated sewing spaces.
Using Patterns:Describes how to use the 5 patterns that arrive with the book. They are printed on same paper. Tells how we have to trace (your size) separately and use it.There is an A-Line skirt , A 3/4th sleeve blouse, Sleeveless dress, A coat and a bag. Each of the projects have 2 variations each. So all in all 15 projects:)
Let's Start Sewing :Describes the basic stitching techniques and finishing techniques. Not many illustrations here so i feel it cannot be a complete replacement to a reference book.But this book is on patterns and not a techniques book. So thats fine. Also explains about different fabric types.
The Skirt , The Blouse ,The Dress, The Coat, The Bag :1 chapter on each project.
Glossary:This is good as a beginner I could refer to terms which I did not know
My Experience :
I have used the blouse and the dress pattern. The jacket pattern is on my list too.While making the projects I did not find any difficulty in reading the instructions. Not all sewing steps have visuals . But it was okay for me.
I shall keep updating the patterns i sew from this book (many in queue.. guess the jacket is on top in list) you can keep visiting here.
A little bit note on the patterns :
Multisized 34-42(BurdaSizing) We have to trace out our size from these. So your patterns stay intact and you can trace it when you want :) Thats like a bonus.
Every pattern has 2 variations so all in all 15!!
The variations are fun to do as we get a feel of almost drafting a pattern.Steps of these are in continuation with the main project. So you need to look back at times.
Look and feel:
Hard Spiral bound. Looks Sturdy and since its spiral bound we are bound to like it when we keep it open while sewing.
Each project has only one clear and big photo of the Front view. This is the one which a model is wearing so we get to know the fit and style. There are no other detailed photographs of the projects.
The steps are well illustrated. Steps are well written and multiple steps are combined in one illustration. I personally feel the illustrations are not very easy at the first go for a beginner.But no need to loose heart read it twice and its all understandable.
If you like the patterns in the book then its for you..
Have you bought a copy yourself ? How was your experience using it:)?

Floral Dress completed

A little update from my sewing room - A third project completed form the Burdastyle sewing handbook. For a change its not a Blouse .. it’s a dress !! Pretty fabric with floral print and rows tucks all along on the fabric.


Sunday, 10 June 2012

Burdastyle Blouse - Novitas Variation

Its nice to sit cosy on a lazy sunday afternoon and blogging!
I finished my second burdastyle blouse last week ! Yay...
And I think the outcome is pretty much lovable. Here it is :

Burdastyle sewing handbook novitas variation tent top
My fav tent top

Sunday, 3 June 2012

JJ Blouse - Ruffles Rage

Yeah !! very happy that my first frilly Blouse is complete :) I love these dramatic Ruffles.

burdastyle JJ blouse with ruffles

I was eyeing this fabric(which was in my stash for more than a month for now) to sew a blouse from when I purchased it.. finally got time to sew it yesterday. The fabric is pure cotton , lovely light yellow color with self design. Chose a frilly blouse as the fabric looks quite plain otherwise.Just adding some snaps of the making to this post.

 burdastyle JJ blouse with ruffles

burdastyle JJ blouse with ruffles  burdastyle JJ blouse with rufflesburdastyle JJ blouse with ruffles  burdastyle JJ blouse with ruffles Overall I am happy with the result. Waiting to wear it and click pictures more with them.
Actually I chose Burda size 36 for this JJ blouse. Its way too big. 34 would do . This pattern runs large, so beware ! It would be better to try out one size less. I have read similar opinions of others who have used this.

burdastyle JJ blouse with ruffles

burdastyle JJ blouse with ruffles
I made a mistake of cutting out the neckline too wide. So the collar doesnt look fitted and great. Anyway I love this Burdastyle JJ blouse pattern so much that I would be making one more again. So I would not be repeating the same mistake again:D
It is wonderful to see so many pretty and cute JJ blouses on the Burdastyle site. If you havent made one then go ahead and make one :) Review @ PR.