Sunday, 10 June 2012

Burdastyle Blouse - Novitas Variation

Its nice to sit cosy on a lazy sunday afternoon and blogging!
I finished my second burdastyle blouse last week ! Yay...
And I think the outcome is pretty much lovable. Here it is :

Burdastyle sewing handbook novitas variation tent top
My fav tent top

This is a variation of the base pattern provided in the Burdastyle Sewing handbook. The base design is actually a drawstring blouse with zippers and princess seams. This variation eliminates all those complex steps.
Burdastyle sewing handbook novitas variation tent top
I love the way the centre front looks.
There is clear instructions on how to draft this flared version. Alterations I made was that, I changed the rectangular cap sleeve blouse to be a little tapering at the edges. And also a added top stitching to the yokes and sleeves.

Burdastyle sewing handbook novitas variation tent top
Top stitching.
I used a size 36 and I spent extra time matching the plaid th the centre front.
I reduced the flares considerably as the 'Tentness' of the original design was not looking good on me when I tried the first top.It made the top get a look as if it was a maternity top:D
Burdastyle sewing handbook novitas variation tent top
I altered the sleeves pattern.
The style of this top is a very loose fitting with a lot of flares. I kind of like to wear loose fitting ones once in a while too. It is easy to make. I think spending a little time on getting the centre front pieces matched up is worth the effort.
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