Wednesday, 27 June 2012

One pattern many looks contest

Excitement filled my sewing space soon after i joined the - 'One pattern many views ' contest hosted on I am a newbie and my first pattern was a Sorbetto and later i made the JJBlouse.
I opted to choose my favourite JJ Blouse pattern and I sewed 3 variations from 3 different fabric materials.
This is how the JJ Blouse line drawing looks...So frilly and pretty isnt it ?
Here are my versions... Not 1 , not 2 but 3!!!.

 SportyCheckmate JJ Blouse:

...Oh this part is my favourite : I cut the 'Side Back' and the 'side front' pieces on bias.. So you see the plaids go in different directions adds a good effect..

...gathers at sleeve edges...reduced button band by half.. used press buttons on the inside and Big bright pink decorative buttons on top..(I love these buttons aren't they cute ???)                                                              
Its very comfortable to wear and i do not mind repeating this again that i love this pattern..(big grin)

Pretty Plain Pink JJ blouse:

This ones to wear with a skirt...I used plain pink rayon material. material not so easy for a beginner like me but went on well with a little patience.. 


...reduced the width of the sleeve band.. eliminated the collar and made it a round neck finished with a bias binding..


Retained only the ruffles near the button band.. and i used invisible press buttons...
Used a little darker thread so that the ruffle edges look pretty , dont they? :)

Dotty Naughty JJ Blouse:
This variation i made with Polycotton and brilliant mini polka dots :)

I added piping to the seams in front and back.(psst.. yeah this is my first project with piping.)

Just extended the centre front edge and gathered near the top buttons...
This is my sleeve with pleats instead of gathers and the button.. Happy i sewed the sleeve placket.. On my first blouse i had omitted them..

By the way did you like my head band?? i made it out of the scraps left over ;)

Thanks for dropping by and I hope you liked my Blouse variations.. :)


  1. Awesome Diya:-)
    Loved the pink top esp two frills with puffed sleeves are highlight in this top.

    Beautifully planned:-)
    Good job:-)

    1. thanks.. i too feel that pleasant pink can be irresistable..
      Thats why i did not adorn that top with any decorations other than cute ruffles ;)

  2. cute! i will definitely vote for these in the contest!--anne

  3. thanks anne for your support :)

  4. Diya,

    Thanks for commenting on my blog at I'm so glad I visited your site. I love the things you're making. You sew beautifully. I will add you to my reader.


  5. Ooo - I especially love version one and version three! I like how you played with the grain of the plaid on version one. And I love love the piping & button detail on version three. I can't wear this style of blouse with my broad shoulders but it looks lovely on you!

  6. Great job Diya :) I loved the pink and black tops!

  7. Hi Diya, I just joined your blog, took a look at all you have done, I love the polka dotted blouse with matching hairband, It looks like you put a lot of detailed work to it.

  8. I really like the blouses you posted recently. The green is my fave, but the polka dot one with the piping is very smart and classy.

  9. I LOVE your blouse variations, beautiful job!


I love your comments:)