Sunday, 15 July 2012

Miniature Mania

Its a sunday noon and the clouds are grey and confused. They look as if they are in deep thought whether to pour down or not! And am at home with a train of ideas of 'things to do' , but the enthusiasm to create something today is not so driving. So i started looking at my display case which holds some of my handmade stuff. The mini pots(earthen) which i had painted caught my eye. 
So be it.
 Let me call this a Snappy Sunday. As in i decided to click snaps of these cuty mini painted pots and add them here.

This one is my favourite with peacocks. I love peacocks , after seeing a peacock dance who wouldnt ;) ?? 

There are five of them that i painted:). 

There is a black and copper birdy love , and one with yellow traditional decorated elephants.
They look big dont they ? Well they are just the size of a small palm :) 


Did you like my miniature painted pots ?? 

Happy Sunday ..

P.S : I have linked up my project to all/some of the links 


  1. Lovely! I especially like the white w/yellow flower and the peacock one. You should show more of your painting!

  2. Wow. m elated by reading your comment.Thanks. More posts on my painting, coming soon...

  3. So beautiful & colorful..Love it

  4. loved all the pots in this one.. all patterns looks good..


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