Saturday, 17 November 2012

Design it yourself clothes book tour with the Basic skirt

The wait is over .. As I had mentioned in my previous post that I am taking part in the draft along. And my skirt is done.  I drafted it from the book Design it yourself clothes by Cal Patch. Some measurements did not work for me. So I corrected them and have written tips on how we can correct it for a perfect fit. I have also shared a lot links to techniques and tutorials I used in sewing this skirt.. So happy reading along..

I was eagerly waiting to blog about my new skirt . But could not do it as I did not find time to click pictures of it.
A little note on Fabric Preparation  :
The fabric I used is plain cotton. And I wanted to make some exciting prints on it using fabric paints. (See tutorial how to fabric painting on clothes , If you never dun it)! I always loved chevron prints and wanted one skirt so that's where I stopped my thought process of what to paint. I used the template available here for free download.I was led to this site form here.I was little confused on whether I should create a Green-White combi or Green-Black. So I just had no other go but to visualize how my skirt pattern would look. I used the tutorial I used before check it out here.
Finally this is what they looked like. And I chose Green-White.. You feel Green-Black would have been better? :| ..
A little note on Drafting :
Now that the print was finalized I finished painting it. And I wanted to just baste the side seams of the skirt before I got sewing. Glad I did that!! As the waist was way too big. The book suggests to add 1 inch ease t the waist line. OK now the waist is near by the navel level for most skirts. And we feel comfortable if we wear skirts which sit snug at the waist isn't it. So 1" ease is way too big. Instead I took in 1 inch from my waist. So waist-1 inch was the measurement I used on the quarter pattern piece.

I chose a sweep measurement to be Hip + 4". Mathematically speaking if your Hip-Waist is less that 1 inch then the sweep measuremnt should be at least 1 inch greater than Hip +(Hip - wasit) to get the aline shape. Or else we loose it when we are making the right angle at the skirt top corner.

A little note on sewing :
I finished the waist with a bias binding.I used this bias binding tutorial for making the bias strips. Check it out here. This tutorial works best for me. I did not use a fat quarter but used a square of size 10" * 14". The hemline I finished it with Wide Zig zag stitches.
The Front and the back of the skirt.

A Side zipper onto the left side. I used the centred zipper technique from here.
 I also made an in seam pocket to the right side of the skirt. I have made patch pockets for my shorts , so wanted to try some thing different. There is as free tutorial on how to draft in seam pocket here.
I can say I have a perfect fit skirt now.
So my sewing friends did you like my skirt. Did it motivate you to be a part of the Draft A Long to draft a skirt for women(winks)!!
Update: Tutorial on how I made this fabric painting on the skirt click here.
To rad all the posts on skirts that I have made click here. Also I shall update all the projects that I make from this book here.


  1. Wow! What a darling skirt. I never would have thought to paint the chevron stripes one though.

  2. Cute! I like the white and green combo. It fits you really nicely. I put maybe a 1/2" ease into my waist and probably could have lived with 1/4 to none too. It's nice to be able to cut in though as oppose to be left wishing for fabric that wasn't there!

  3. Well done, Diya!!! A fabulous skirt!!! I think you've made the right choice with the green and white. Thanks for all the links.

  4. Wow! That is one gorgeous skirt!! So beautifully cut and sewn together.

  5. Love it! I think I prefer the white/green chevron. And I second what you said about waist ease - I used her formula at first when drafting skirts for clients but I found I always ended up taking out that ease at the fitting. No one wants a loose waistband and you don't need that ease to sit in the skirt (as you do need some ease at the hips to be able to sit down). I'm also finding that most women want skirts to sit higher on their waist than they think they will - when a skirt fits well, it's nice to have it a bit higher. Do you have a plan yet for your next skirt??

  6. LOVE how the chevron print turned out! I really need to start sewing again. Stopping by from the Harvest of Friends hop. Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

  7. super cute and trendy! thanks for linking up to Make it monday! I've shared it on my FB page

  8. So super cute! You are so awesome and so creative and the skirt is the cutest thing ever....
    Looks great on you too... You cute thing.

    hugs x

  9. This is gorgeous and I will be featuring it tomorrow!

  10. Hi Diya, I've featured your self drafted skirt today...

  11. It's so pretty! This really makes me want to paint a pattern on a dress. :) You did such a lovely job!

  12. oh how pretty! i love that chevron skirt :)

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