Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Fabric belt tutorial

Hello lovely readers , how ya all doing ? :) A little sewing update from my side. I made a belt recently. A simple one. Many more funky designs are on the way. Just thought of sharing the tutorial .A belt simply adds to the beauty of any garment, this one has a bright and bold buckle which is fun to wear with black jeans.

It is simple and here is how I made it.
Materials required:
Measuring tape
Fashion fabric.
Basic sewing tools(Thread, Sewing machine, scissors...)
Fusible Interfacing
Ribbon or Trim

And of course a little experience in sewing..

Step 1 : Preparing the Buckle
Choose a ribbon of your favourite color and wind it around the buckle. To see how to make this refer to my tutorial on the blog here.

Step 2:Measurements
Measure around your waist and multiply it by 1.5. Lets call this as Y.(Y = Waist *1.5)
Measure around the inner width of the buckle. This is X.

Step 3:
Mark 2 rectangles on the fabric of width = X and length = Y. Add Seam allowance (indicated by blue lines)all around and cut them out.

From the interfacing cut 2 rectangles of width = X and length = Y.
Step 4:
Apply the fusible interfacing to the fabric using the iron on to the wrong side of the fabric. Then press the edges inside, along the seam allowances on both the pieces. Then place one piece on top of the other interfaced side facing each other. Stitch along the edges(yellow lines).You can use coordinating or contrast colour thread.
Step 5:
Place the belt over the centre of the buckle (wrong side) and sew along the yellow line. If your buckle is too fat then you can sew it with hand as well.
Step 6:Preparation of the loop
Preparation of the loop. Mark a rectangle of width 2*X + ¾ inch and length 1.5 inch on the fabric. Cut adding the seam allowances(indicated by blue lines). 
Step 7:
Fold 1/8of an inch along the sides towards wrong side of fabric. Then fold along the centre.
Step 8:
Top Stich along the folded edge. Sew the shorter edges together. Slip this loop through the open end of the belt.

And lo it is ready!!! Its super easy to make. Are you going to make one? Printed fabric would make a great belt too. Or how about one matching with the dress;) Originally I wrote this post for as a guest. My first guest post;)!

I have a maxi tutorial coming up stay tuned ! Happy sewing:)
P.S : I have linked up my project to all/some of the links here.


  1. How cute! I have been meaning to make my daughter one of these I just haven't gotten around to it. I love the buckle!

  2. Now that's super cute and sassy! Good job on all the graphics too!

  3. Great belt. I love the red and black. Thanks so much for sharing at last Wednesday's Adorned From Above Link Party. This weeks party is live. The link to the party is
    Can't wait to see you there.
    Have a great week.

  4. So cute. I love belts and it would be fun to have one that everyone else isn't wearing too. Thanks for sharing this on BeColorful this week.

  5. What a fun tutorial! I'll need to go get a buckle, so I can try this out!
    Thanks for linking up!


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