Friday, 7 December 2012

Quilt - Yes I am making one

My first post with only text and no pics ;)

There is a maxi and a skirt which I made recently but still have not posted about them. Because off late I have got myself to thinking rather than posting :P I want to make something other than clothes. I thought of some pathchwork projects , but my mind wandered off to Quilts.Yes!! I want to make my first quilt. 
Like the ones which so many lovely quilters make. I dreamt that my first quilt will be a superbly finished and colorful and lovely one:D
So just this evening I started looking out for blogs which are mainly on quilting.. I found scores of blogs.. And a lot of tutorials. Let me see which one I shall start off with.
Any tips suggestions are welcome please leave me a comment with the link to the first quilt you made if you are reading this post. 
And among all the lovely blogs I browsed through I found one amazing series.. Know thy machine...
I will keep you updated on the pattern I choose.. meanwhile suggestions experiences are welcome :)
Have a great weekend


  1. Can't wait to see which pattern you choose. I'm sure it will be lovely.


  2. Hey! Stopping by from the Aloha blog hop...glad I found your blog, now following you! :)

  3. Good luck!! Quilts can be just as addictive! I have made a couple and they are really fun. They are good to fill the time in between other projects too so if you feel it takes a while dont stress they sometimes can hehe!! Look forward to seeing what type of patterns you choose. I really love the material obsessions books, lots of quilt examples and they are so pretty.

  4. Really excited for this!! I once made a quilt in school and it was amazing! Seeing this post inspired me to make another one soon!! I'd love to....


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