Monday, 9 December 2013

A little update..

Its time to announce the winner of the wallet pattern. Thanks to all of you who entered the giveaway. I wrote down all the entries on chits and made my husband close his eyes and choose one randomly. And the winner is Anitha!!. Congrats. Watch out your inbox for my email.
Have a great day peeps :)

Friday, 29 November 2013

Vintage Floral Dress

Before I start writing about the floral dress I made I have some random thoughts which I want to share. History repeats itself and so does fashion .. right ? As a child I remember the ladies having a fancy for blouses with puff sleeves. And later as I grew up it just vanished. So much so that anyone wearing a puff sleeve was scorned at LOL. And now , that's today I see puffs everywhere. you will find at least one of five RTW garments with sleeves having a little puff. I can cite another example of Bell bottoms which were in peak fashion when I was a child , and was nowhere visible when I was in my primary school and later I remember owning many bell bottomed pants myself when I was in my teens. Now this was an example in my part of the world. Based on where you live you too would have seen this cycle.
The Side View.
You might be thinking why I have been writing all this in my post. Well I was making a dress for the Vintage contest at Pattern review. That  is when all these thoughts were crossing my mind. Ok now back to topic. The concept of the contest was to make a garment out of a vintage sewing pattern. I chose the Mccalls  8263.This one is from 1966 , very very vintage :) .
The Back View with a kick pleat
I loved the princess seam design of this pattern.Princess seam is never out of fashion.It flatters the figure of any woman. I had a floral fabric with a black base. I do not know surely what material it is but it is synthetic and very soft! it was a gift. I felt this print would look best for a vintage look. I really like the way it fits me. I chose the View A. Sleeves with a kick pleat at the back. This is my first dress with kick pleat. Its a super cool feature to help in walking jumping and running around. And of course yet maintaining the curvy figure for the silhouette.
I did not make much alterations except reducing the length by 4 inches. I have written a detailed review over here. Check it out for more details on the pattern. Did you like my dress ?
Front View with Princess seams
 I am going to make another version of this soon. Guess the color shall be gray ?!? And of course I shall tweak the princess seams and try something new.

Have you made any vintage pattern ? Do share your thoughts!
By the way in case you missed out there is a giveaway happening right now I just want to let you know that you can still enter it before December 9th.
Have a great Friday.

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Wallet sewing pattern giveaway..

Surprise !! I have got some more exciting news this week. No no it is not another tutorial related to the Gunmetal dress I posted few days back.

It is a GIVEAWAY!! Hurray.

You could win a wallet sewing pattern which is worth $7.50 :) So enter now for a chance to win it and make some beautiful wallet/purse which is super useful.

free wallet purse sewing pattern how to make handmade purse from fabric

After I made my black wallet , there is not a single day when I have not used it. It has helped me remain very organized with my cards , coupons and notes ever since I started using it. Lisa has offered to giveaway one lucky winner the pattern for free. Thanks Lisa. Very nice of you.

Click here if you want to see more photos of the first wallet I made.

To enter the giveaway , you must have a valid email address and ... :

1. Simply leave me a comment on this post saying how you are following my blog.

2. For another entry leave another comment. Visit my pinterest board here, which I recently created.  Letting me know which is the project you liked and would want to do a similar one.

I shall choose a random winner by the end of December 10th 2013.

PS.This is just a friendly giveaway and I have not received any monetary benefit by hosting this.

Monday, 18 November 2013

Tutorial : How to draft a stylish peplum

Free pattern drafting tutorial on how to draft an asymetrical peplum for a very stylish look

Pattern testing - The Gunmetal Dress...

It is chic , flirty , flattering and yet super comfortable. I am speaking about the 
newest pattern from the Lolita Patterns.It can be made as a dress or a short length top.Check out all the details and lovely photos on the link above. I made the view B. So let me share my experience testing this pattern and the wonderful output that resulted from it. Before I get into the details of it at one shot I can say that this pattern is really something which every woman must have. It just flatters the curvy figures so very well ohhh!!
I love this pattern!
This features side panels with ruching. The overlay of sheer lace is such a feminine look to the dress. The fabrics required for this pattern is something which has a lot of stretch.I had a tough time hunting for it and finally succeeded in my mission. I was lucky enough to find lace fabric with a tint of mint color in it. Actually if you observe the photographs closely , you may notice that the lace is not pure white. I used a mint colored stretchy knit fabric and stretchy lace for the overlay.
The side view!
I used a size 10. Which is the next bigger size after my body measurements. The reason being that it uses stretch materials with a lot of stretch. And my soft knit has only some 30 percent of stretch. So from my experience I can say that if I had more of a lycra material then the size which matches my body measurements would have fit me perfectly as well.But nevertheless this top perfectly fits my friend who is a size 10 to.
The dress has lovely ruching on the side panels. I tried ruching with the lace I had , but somehow it did not look pretty after it was gathered. So I omitted that.
Now speaking of the most important and difficult topic in sewing garments -The Fit. Well I did not have to do any bust adjustments for this patters. However the neckline was deep for me. I had to increase the depth by one inch. Hence the round neckline was converted to a squarish one. But this is not the problem of the pattern. I usually prefer higher necklines.
The back view !
There was another alteration I made to the pattern peplum or circle skirt whatever you like to call it. I made it uneven. I do not know why but this was just a random decision. Probably I did not want another peplum top after making the Blouse with sweetheart neckline.Ireally did not know that this little bit of change could make such a dramatic difference. The first time I wore this top my friends loved it for its pattern color and I was surprised to get compliments on the uneven hemline also. So that calls for a little pat on my back. I have written a short tutorial on how to achive this kind of a hemline. This tutorial can be used for any pattern you have with a peplum or by drafting your peplum as well. Check out the tutorial here.
I loved testing for this pattern. Thanks Amity for this opportunity. I am going to make many more versions of the Gunmetal.

So did you like my top ? :) I am sure you must have loved the pattern so I just wanted to let you know ,there is a discount of 15 % off for this new pattern, you can purchase it from here.

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Color blocking is fun - Burdastyle Book

Yep, though my dress has only black and white. It is still color blocked! Does it make me look like a penguin (Laughing).
Color blocked black and white burdastyle dress
Me made dress and the model in the book!

Retro Mania ! I made a polka dotted dress

As the post title describes , I am writing something which was a fad in the past. Polka dots!! What does Polka mean actually. I never bothered to find out really ;) What comes to your mind when someone refers to polka first ?? For me it will be Minnie mouse LOL..

 I love fabrics with polka dots. As a child I detested it , I used to think that it was so drab and boring. But as a seamstress I have known that a fabric with pols dotted print is open for a lot of variations and lovely combinations. In the past I have made this blouse  , skirt , and tunic top with polka prints.

polka dot dress from burdastyle sewing handbook
I have only 1 picture to show off :/
Okay! So, coming back to the main content. It my first lined dress !Yeahh.. Wait a minute I must say 'My first successfully lined dress :)'. My friend gave me around 2 yards of white crepe fabric with big and black polka dots. I loved the print . This one required a lining. So I thought of giving it a try. I used the Dress pattern from book - Burdastyle sewing handbook to make the bodice. I drafted the skirt myself. I did not want an A-line skirt which the pattern originally had, instead I wanted a little bit of gathers near the waist.

I spent loads of time making this dress. The fabric was so delicate , it needed special attention and also lining it was a tedious task. I know what all the sewing BIGgies must be thinking. But for me the first lined dress in a sheer fabric was not a cake walk.

I made it for the copycat challenge again at Erin's blog. I was inspired these two dresses.Check it out here and here. I made the sleeves and the bodice with princess seams as in the first dress and the fitted skirt with the wide contrast belt as in the second one.
I have blogged about my first dress from this book here. I had written then that when I make this dress pattern again I would use sheer fabrics as suggested, and Lo I made it :)

This post is published as a part of the Sew book inspired series . Click below to view more.

Do you have any such polka inspiration to share ? How did you like my dress? Do leave your comments I so so love to read them.

Friday, 27 September 2013

Burdastyle Sewing Handbook tour with sweetheart neckline blouse

This is a post about a lovely blouse with pretty details,that I made recently. I somehow spent a lot of time making this. Because I was very keen on the very minute details matching up to perfection. Very happy with the way it has turned out. Personally I am satisfied with the finishing details and the design details. So Kudos! to me for achieving the target :)
Blouse from burdastyle sewing book with sweetheart neckline
Spot the difference ;)!

Monday, 9 September 2013

Its Sew Serendipity(really pretty book)

I had been working on a skirt this week and today I completed it and I am blogging about it right away. Skirts are most comfortable to wear if it is fitting and sitting perfectly on our waistline. I wrote a lot about it on the first A-line skirt I made from Cal Patch book here. That chevron skirt looked simple but it reminds me of the tremendous effort I took to paint the chevron stripes LOL. 

Monday, 29 July 2013

Handkerchief skirt from the book Feminine wardrobe...

...Aka uneven hem skirt:) It was just an hour or so that took me to complete this skirt. It is from the book Feminine wardrobe!! Not only the title of the book, I loved the content of this book as well. It features some lovely photographs. The models are soo cute !
Skirt from Feminine wardrobe book

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Anthropologie inspired squeezebox top - Completed

Thanks friends for your lovely comments on my wallet post. I am back here writing a post on dressmaking again. Let us talk about refashioning today. In particular refashioning of knits. I see a lot of sewing enthusiasts making lovely creations from already existing clothes. I like admiring such creativity but when I have to cut out a garment, it makes me think twice. 
The image source is here.I somehow do not prefer cutting out an existing garment even though it is being put to good use. I would rather giveaway when it good enough to be worn. But seeing this tutorial on how to make an anthropologie squeezebox top ,I was driven to buy two brand new T shirts and make one for myself. The tutorial is neat and interesting , thanks Sarah.Click here to see the original top on the site.
My version of the pleated top.

What inspired me was the lovely pleats. and the curvy effect the stitching on the front adds to the top.
It did give me jitters to cut out the new tee shirts. But I gave it a try because the steps in the tutorial seemed simple and there would be no way that it could become a flop project.
Lot of pinning!!
It took a lot of pins to get started. It was not as easy at it looks to get it started. I did tweak the steps here and there for my sewing comfort. Also I took quite a lot of time to complete it may be some six hours on and off over four days.
Adventure friendly

Close up view of the lovely pleats

Finally speaking of the top, I love the way the way it has turned out to be. It is really comfortable to wear. And must say I adore the color too. I am going to add it to Erins copycat challenge too, check out my side bar. The last challenge I had added my Jackie dress and a skirt. Glad to enter this year and add some more merry projects.
And thats me :)

 By the way if you are planning to make this top then I would just like to add a few more tips. Make sure you know how to sew knits (which needle to use? which stitch,  which pressure foot etc)before venturing into this project.Also make sure that the T-shirt on which you are going attach the pleats must be a perfect fitting one for you.

What is up with you ? You liked my top ? How much do you like re-fashioning? I wore this top on a bicycling trip. It was amazing fun, thanks to hubby for clicking all the snaps and bearing my non photogenic poses :D. And glad that my first re-fashioned project came out well. Though  am not sure if I will make another one lol. Happy sewing.

-Love Diya
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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Sewing a wallet which has...

... a lot of compartments. Oh Boy! I love pockets , be it on clothes I wear or in a bag which I carry the more the merrier;). I always loved to wear skirts and pants overloaded with pockets as a child too. I love the rosie skirt I made with adorable patch pockets. 
Free wallet sewing pattern
My favourite wallet:)
I was on the lookout for a wallet pattern which would help me keep my items organized. I found this lovely wallet sewing pattern made from scraps and I wanted to make one! It looked so lovely with so many compartments and I fell for it. I started cutting out the pieces nearly a month back , but somehow it got lost in my stash and until two days back it hid there. I completed it yesterday and sharing all the details of the making with you..
Free Wallet sewing pattern
Zippered !!
It features 10 pockets to stack cards and 3 pockets to hold cash. And a mini coin pocket to jingle all the way! There was some scraps of medium weight fabrics which I used to make this wallet. The red plaid fabric I used for the edges and the black makes a good contrast. I was doubtful how it would look before assembling the pieces. Lisa also shares a tutorial on how to sew the wallet. I found it very useful.The steps are very clear and every step has a picture too.
Free Wallet sewing pattern
Things are safe inside
I found it difficult to sew the zip on the edges as they were very thick. It broke my machine needle too. But this project doesn't get the credit of being the first to break the needle. Last week when I was making a pant it went snap for the first time. I actually got scared hearing the snap sound. I thought something crashed !. This is the reason I did not add the wristlet because it would become too fat to sew. Maybe for the next one I make I might think of it..
Anyway speaking about this wallet I love the way it has turned out. 
Free Wallet sewing pattern
Lot of card holding pockets!

Free Wallet sewing pattern

Free Wallet sewing pattern
A bonus coin pocket!
 I would make it another time but for the pockets I would use a light weight material to reduce the bulk. And also it would be a very good idea to cut out the seam allowances from the interfacing too. 
I enjoyed making this wallet and The process of clicking snaps too. Which is your favourite wallet/purse pattern ? Did you like mine ;) If you did then go check out the pattern and start making one.. And let me know in your comments I love reading them as always.
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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Featured !!

Hello friends !! Check out Sew mama Sew blog today. I am featured over there and I also share a tutorial on how to sew a top with flutter sleeves :)

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Flutter sleeve top tutorial

Gosh !! I cant believe it. Finally I am sharing something to make. A flutter sleeve top...

Friday, 29 March 2013

How to make gathers while sewing

Ever since the history of man is recorded he has been inventing tools for ease of performing any task. When it comes to sewing too I feel the right tools gives the best results and good looking product. I have made  ruffles or gathers by hand and there are a lot of tutorials out there on many blogs. But recently I purchased a gathering foot to make the process easier :) Proudly I can show off my first project with my new sewing machine foot .

Sewing Gathers

Friday, 15 March 2013

Do you read books on sewing ??

I sometimes feel guilty for owning too many DIY and sewing books. Flipping the pages for inspiration and making a lot of projects from them is my favourite passtime. Let me reveal the good news right here. I had this idea from a long time and today I am posting about it as I shall start the Sew Book Inspired Series on my blog :)
I shall write detailed posts on each and every project that I make from the sewing books. This is going to be of help to the other home sewers to get an idea of what is in the book and how well the book can help us in sewing or pattern drafting. 

Friday, 1 March 2013

Envelope clutch pattern

Let me introduce you my envelope clutch I made for a clutch-along.. I do not have time this week to make any garments. A little busy moving to a new locality. But I felt I did have time to participate in the clutch-along at SeeKateSew blog . And I completed this envelope clutch.
envelope clutch free pattern

Monday, 25 February 2013

Sewing Vintage modern book tour with the Jackie dress

Just another update form my sewing room..
The best surprise for me on my birthday last year was I received a copy of Burdastyle Sewing Vintage Modern book as a gift from a close friend of mine.. Isn't it a wonderful for a passionate sewer ;) This weekend I worked on two projects and managed to complete both.. First I want to blog about the Jackie dress from the book.

Jackie dress from burdastyle sewing vintage modern

Friday, 25 January 2013

Design it yourself clothes book tour with the Rosie skirt

patternmaking from design it yourself clothes

Finally here comes my first post for 2013.. I have been a little silent in blog-o-world. But nevertheless I am reading all the posts in the blogs I follow and taking a breather.