Friday, 25 January 2013

Design it yourself clothes book tour with the Rosie skirt

patternmaking from design it yourself clothes

Finally here comes my first post for 2013.. I have been a little silent in blog-o-world. But nevertheless I am reading all the posts in the blogs I follow and taking a breather.
Today I am sharing with you all a second skirt I drafted.. ROSIE SKIRT!!
Do you remember the Chevron skirt I drafted and there were some fit issues at the waist. Check out the post it has a lot of details on the project. Well I corrected those and made a second skirt. The pattern is from the book 'Design it yourself clothes' by Cal Patch itself. 
skirt pattern drafting
Must say that this book is good for designing skirts. When it comes to making blouse I still need to figure out some corrections in the drafting steps to get a comfortable fit. Justine has suggested some corrections on her blog during the sew-along . I will be trying it out when I get time and of course patience :)   
rosie skirt self drafted

This book does not give any guidelines on how to sew. Of course there is a instruction set which says how to sew. But for a beginner it is of no use. If you have had previous sewing experience then it should not be a problem. I did not find the need of the book not having sewing instructions. As the title suggests it is for designing not for sewing. Always another sewing companion can be purchased.
patternmaking book
This skirt I made for my client and she very much loved it! Phew.. I too liked the look of it. Made it from 100% medium weight cotton. The top stitching and the button placket add to the look of it.The sewing instructions are very less . Especially on how to add a button placket on skirt. But it not a Herculean task to figure it out. I found it pretty easy to make it. Also this is my first project with Flat felled seams. check this link on how to make them. 
To read about all the skirts that I have made click here. And I shall update all the posts on dressmaking from this book here.


  1. Great going drafting yet another pattern, Diya. You've done a fabulous job!!!

  2. Really pretty :) I'd buy that!
    The Creator of:

  3. I LOVE this skirt. You did a great job with the pattern!

  4. It looks good! And I love topstiching. It makes the piece that much more professional, in my opinion. Great work!

  5. This turned out great, and the color is very flattering.


  6. Love the skirt! It looks great.:)

  7. I like it! I'm your latest follower, visiting today from the Harvest of Friends hop.

  8. That's an adorable skirt! Great job! Thanks for linking up to the weekly creative.

    Shannon @ Sewing Barefoot

  9. Hi Diya, I love the buttons on your skirt. I just wanted to touch base with you because we stopped the sew along because there were a lot of problems with the instructions for the pants and dress patterns and I gave up on the book. I will be doing some tutorials from a textbok I have which is excellent soon.

  10. Wow this is a really cool skirt you are very talented in drafting!! Hey did you end up buying anything with the Colette gift voucher you won off my blog? :) I forgot to follow up with you and check what you bought! :) xo Erin

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