Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Sewing Vintage Modern Book tour with a Lace blouse

Hello lovely sewing friends what have you been sewing lately? I have a little update for you again as a part of Sew Book Inspired series. After I completed the Vintage inspired Jackie dress and being pleased with the results I always wanted to make more from the book - Sewing Vintage modern. Especially the Lillian blouse. It took me a weekend to complete this sewing project I made it for a very exciting sewing contest and a sew along.

The challenge was to make any garment which matches a red and gold sandal. This made me go hunting for lace fabric and gold buttons. Luckily I bumped into a shop which had lace (though it did not house a variety of colors- RED was there .. Yeahhhh!!). Finding the gold buttons was more tough actually ! Finally I found some though they were not the ones I exactly wanted. 

Golden Buttons

This blouse is a variation of the Elizabeth gathered waist dress from the book Sewing Vintage modern. It is not a fitted blouse, it has a yoke made of lace, a buttoned up collar and drop shoulders. The model in the book has tucked the blouse and pairs it with a skirt. I prefer not to tuck it in and a collar which is not high and all buttoned up.
Sewing this slippery fabric was not easy . I had stabilized the fabric before hand and I had to use a lot of pins to get it going smoothly.
Lace Yoke

I was a little doubtful while drafting if the variation pattern would fit me fine. I crossed my fingers and went ahead. Well the final blouse turned out really good and it is very comfortable to wear. I made it over the weekend and wore it the next day and got a lot of compliments, but no one knows I made it;)
The complete review on the pattern is at the pattern review. Click here to read it completely.I submitted it as a part of the accesories wardrobe contest.
Also there is an exciting sew along happening at macskakat blog. I came to know of it from the CuriousKiwi blog. Check out my side bar for the link.  
To see more projects form this book click here. I am planning to make many mnay more :)

 Love Diya


  1. wow its beautiful!!!!!!!!!!
    contrast buttons and lace design is perfect match for the running fabric...

    this s one of the best top from your collection:-)
    good work keep it up...

  2. Wow, looks good! I imagine this soft fabric must need a lot of care when working with it.

    1. Yes indeed. I had to stabilize before I started to sew and used a lot of pins :)

  3. Oh...it is beautiful. I love it..

  4. This is one impressive project! I love the details of the lace and the red and gold contrast. Truly beautiful.

    Have you ever worked with batiks? A friend sent me some handdyed ones from India and I'm almost afraid to use them because I don't want to mess over them and I'm thinking they need to be rinsed or something but I'm not sure. Any suggestions? I have 4 prints.

    1. Thanks Libby, I have replied about the batiks via mail:)

  5. This is such a beautiful blouse! What a lovely color. I can imagine how difficult that slippery material must've been to work with. You did an amazing job!

  6. What a gorgeous blouse! I love the lace yoke, and those buttons are very cute. :-) Good luck with the Pattern Review contest!

  7. I love that blouse :)

    Vintage Inspired Girls

  8. That's a really pretty top, I love the lace inserts :)

  9. Oh, RED... pretty and the lace makes all the difference!

  10. Lovely Diya, beautiful, wish to make one too!


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