Saturday, 20 July 2013

Anthropologie inspired squeezebox top - Completed

Thanks friends for your lovely comments on my wallet post. I am back here writing a post on dressmaking again. Let us talk about refashioning today. In particular refashioning of knits. I see a lot of sewing enthusiasts making lovely creations from already existing clothes. I like admiring such creativity but when I have to cut out a garment, it makes me think twice. 
The image source is here.I somehow do not prefer cutting out an existing garment even though it is being put to good use. I would rather giveaway when it good enough to be worn. But seeing this tutorial on how to make an anthropologie squeezebox top ,I was driven to buy two brand new T shirts and make one for myself. The tutorial is neat and interesting , thanks Sarah.Click here to see the original top on the site.
My version of the pleated top.

What inspired me was the lovely pleats. and the curvy effect the stitching on the front adds to the top.
It did give me jitters to cut out the new tee shirts. But I gave it a try because the steps in the tutorial seemed simple and there would be no way that it could become a flop project.
Lot of pinning!!
It took a lot of pins to get started. It was not as easy at it looks to get it started. I did tweak the steps here and there for my sewing comfort. Also I took quite a lot of time to complete it may be some six hours on and off over four days.
Adventure friendly

Close up view of the lovely pleats

Finally speaking of the top, I love the way the way it has turned out to be. It is really comfortable to wear. And must say I adore the color too. I am going to add it to Erins copycat challenge too, check out my side bar. The last challenge I had added my Jackie dress and a skirt. Glad to enter this year and add some more merry projects.
And thats me :)

 By the way if you are planning to make this top then I would just like to add a few more tips. Make sure you know how to sew knits (which needle to use? which stitch,  which pressure foot etc)before venturing into this project.Also make sure that the T-shirt on which you are going attach the pleats must be a perfect fitting one for you.

What is up with you ? You liked my top ? How much do you like re-fashioning? I wore this top on a bicycling trip. It was amazing fun, thanks to hubby for clicking all the snaps and bearing my non photogenic poses :D. And glad that my first re-fashioned project came out well. Though  am not sure if I will make another one lol. Happy sewing.

-Love Diya
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  1. Wow! This is very impressive! You did a spot on knock-off of your inspiration top!

  2. Perfect knock off! Anthropology is no match for you;)

  3. I love a good knock-off! Thanks for the share!

  4. my gosh this is SO COOL! i love it. of course, i love the color but the folds and ruffles are awesome. it looks exactly like the original!


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