Sunday, 29 September 2013

Color blocking is fun - Burdastyle Book

Yep, though my dress has only black and white. It is still color blocked! Does it make me look like a penguin (Laughing).
Color blocked black and white burdastyle dress
Me made dress and the model in the book!
Color blocked black and white burdastyle dress
There are so  much of inspiration on color blocking on the web. It always was something which I wanted to try out. I began making this dress yesterday, early in the morning! Its based on the dress pattern from the Burdastyle sewing handbook. See all the dresses I have made from this book here. I wanted to make it from two different colors but it was just yesterday that I badly wanted to make something and I had no other solid colors in my stash other than black and white.
Color blocked black and white burdastyle dress
Tie collar.. Adding a school uniform like look..
I made no alterations to this pattern. So you can see it for yourself how similar it looks to the inspiration:)
I chose not to line it as the fabrics I had chosen were already quite heavy and did not require a lining. The book does not mention what kind of fabrics to use for any of the variation projects. Anyone has any clue why ?
I am going to send this to Erin to add it to her on going challenge. is being too much of a copycat too bad ;) Who knows! But yeah of course, it is only few projects of mine that are made exact to the inspiration. Its usually the case that I add my own variation and add personal touches.
Color blocked black and white burdastyle dress
The front , back and side details!I love it.
Has anyone made this color blocked variation form the book ? It is called the Mellissa's varaition. Check out the whole details of this variation here. I am very much pleased with my latest project. It fits me well and it is very comfortable to wear walk and talk LOL.

What is your take on color blocking ! You like it ? Or its very boring for you ? Let me know.. This post is a part of the Sew book inspired series. Check out more on this below.

Okie then I am signing off now for a cup of coffee. I have got some more news for you next week :) See ya..


  1. You are super talented. That dress is gorgeous :)

  2. I haven't tried color blocking yet but would love to. You're dress looks great on you and I love black and white as it tends to always look so smart!

  3. You've been busy! So glad you made this dress - this is one of my favorite projects from the Burdastyle book. Now you've got me thinking that I should make one of these - maybe charcoal with a jewel tone . . . hmmmm!

  4. Great dress, not penguin like at all! Doe the Burdastyle book come with free patterns?

    1. Thanks Zoe. Yes it does. more information you can get it here.

  5. I love colorblocking (this dress is fab and it looks great on you) and I think also helps to use scraps of fabrics!
    MammaNene @ (newest follower!)


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