Monday, 9 September 2013

Its Sew Serendipity(really pretty book)

I had been working on a skirt this week and today I completed it and I am blogging about it right away. Skirts are most comfortable to wear if it is fitting and sitting perfectly on our waistline. I wrote a lot about it on the first A-line skirt I made from Cal Patch book here. That chevron skirt looked simple but it reminds me of the tremendous effort I took to paint the chevron stripes LOL. 

 I don't think so I have ever mentioned it on my blog but Purple and shades of it is my all time favorite. I had a floral purple fabric in my stash for a long time and I was on the look out for a contrast fabric for it. Recently I purchased a polka dotted lavender fabric for the contrast and I feel it kind of matches well. Though I wish I had got a darker shade. But sigh! it was not available.
Side pocket adorned with contrast ruffles
I love skirts if there is something special adding to its look :). That is what attracted me when I saw the skirt on the cover page of the Sew Serendipity book. The instructions to make it are clear with a good deal of illustrations.I simply love the extra ruffle detail which adds so much of look to the skirt. I made up the medium size of the pattern. I prefer the skirts I wear to sit a little low on my hips if it is a knee length skirt. This one was aptly suiting my requirement. So I did not do any modifications sizing or shape wise. 

The most time consuming part while making this skirt was the ruffles.I do not have a ruffler attachment (Hope someone gifts me one LOL) and I did not want to use the gathering foot because I wanted more dramatic ruffles. So can you guess what I did? Ah yes.. I pleated the fabric myself used hand stitches to hold the ruffles together and finally used machine stitches to sew them up to the skirt. Phew! this was really a lot time consuming.
Invisible Zip closure

I will be writing a review soon. I am submitting this as a part of the community challenge at the SewMamaSew blog, I really enjoyed following up the challenge. Lovely entries really. And the prize winning Cambie is my favourite. Hope my skirt gets lucky there :) Here are some details regarding the sewing : I used the zig zag stitch to finish off the raw edges and material used is pure cotton. Closure type is an invisible zipper at the centre back.
TopView of the Skirt. Check out the ruffles !
After the long handkerchief hem skirt I did not imaging myself making another skirt so soon he he. 
I am going to make the tunic from this book again. The first one I made gave me a lot of troubles LOL. To view the other skirts which I have made click here. To see all the posts published under the series Sew book inspired click on the image below.Hope you liked my skirt and see ya soon with more sewing and fun.

I am linking this up over here for the craft book month :) I loved this idea as you know I have started the Sew book inspired series 
for the love for books;)


  1. Beautiful! The ruffles are perfect - well worth the extra effort!

  2. Love these little ruffles, they are so cute!

  3. Beautiful skirt and fabulous sewing!


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