Friday, 29 November 2013

Vintage Floral Dress

Before I start writing about the floral dress I made I have some random thoughts which I want to share. History repeats itself and so does fashion .. right ? As a child I remember the ladies having a fancy for blouses with puff sleeves. And later as I grew up it just vanished. So much so that anyone wearing a puff sleeve was scorned at LOL. And now , that's today I see puffs everywhere. you will find at least one of five RTW garments with sleeves having a little puff. I can cite another example of Bell bottoms which were in peak fashion when I was a child , and was nowhere visible when I was in my primary school and later I remember owning many bell bottomed pants myself when I was in my teens. Now this was an example in my part of the world. Based on where you live you too would have seen this cycle.
The Side View.
You might be thinking why I have been writing all this in my post. Well I was making a dress for the Vintage contest at Pattern review. That  is when all these thoughts were crossing my mind. Ok now back to topic. The concept of the contest was to make a garment out of a vintage sewing pattern. I chose the Mccalls  8263.This one is from 1966 , very very vintage :) .
The Back View with a kick pleat
I loved the princess seam design of this pattern.Princess seam is never out of fashion.It flatters the figure of any woman. I had a floral fabric with a black base. I do not know surely what material it is but it is synthetic and very soft! it was a gift. I felt this print would look best for a vintage look. I really like the way it fits me. I chose the View A. Sleeves with a kick pleat at the back. This is my first dress with kick pleat. Its a super cool feature to help in walking jumping and running around. And of course yet maintaining the curvy figure for the silhouette.
I did not make much alterations except reducing the length by 4 inches. I have written a detailed review over here. Check it out for more details on the pattern. Did you like my dress ?
Front View with Princess seams
 I am going to make another version of this soon. Guess the color shall be gray ?!? And of course I shall tweak the princess seams and try something new.

Have you made any vintage pattern ? Do share your thoughts!
By the way in case you missed out there is a giveaway happening right now I just want to let you know that you can still enter it before December 9th.
Have a great Friday.


  1. Very pretty vintage dress that will always be in fashion!

  2. It's a great classic style and your fabric is what makes it look vintage! Look great!

    1. Yeah the fabric print is very vintage! Thanks Diane

  3. Lovely! Perfect fabric for the pattern.

  4. that turned out gorgeous. great work!

    1. Thanks Jaya :) It was simple to make it too.. Except the fact that finishing and cutting was pesky with this fabric :D


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