Monday, 18 November 2013

Pattern testing - The Gunmetal Dress...

It is chic , flirty , flattering and yet super comfortable. I am speaking about the 
newest pattern from the Lolita Patterns.It can be made as a dress or a short length top.Check out all the details and lovely photos on the link above. I made the view B. So let me share my experience testing this pattern and the wonderful output that resulted from it. Before I get into the details of it at one shot I can say that this pattern is really something which every woman must have. It just flatters the curvy figures so very well ohhh!!
I love this pattern!
This features side panels with ruching. The overlay of sheer lace is such a feminine look to the dress. The fabrics required for this pattern is something which has a lot of stretch.I had a tough time hunting for it and finally succeeded in my mission. I was lucky enough to find lace fabric with a tint of mint color in it. Actually if you observe the photographs closely , you may notice that the lace is not pure white. I used a mint colored stretchy knit fabric and stretchy lace for the overlay.
The side view!
I used a size 10. Which is the next bigger size after my body measurements. The reason being that it uses stretch materials with a lot of stretch. And my soft knit has only some 30 percent of stretch. So from my experience I can say that if I had more of a lycra material then the size which matches my body measurements would have fit me perfectly as well.But nevertheless this top perfectly fits my friend who is a size 10 to.
The dress has lovely ruching on the side panels. I tried ruching with the lace I had , but somehow it did not look pretty after it was gathered. So I omitted that.
Now speaking of the most important and difficult topic in sewing garments -The Fit. Well I did not have to do any bust adjustments for this patters. However the neckline was deep for me. I had to increase the depth by one inch. Hence the round neckline was converted to a squarish one. But this is not the problem of the pattern. I usually prefer higher necklines.
The back view !
There was another alteration I made to the pattern peplum or circle skirt whatever you like to call it. I made it uneven. I do not know why but this was just a random decision. Probably I did not want another peplum top after making the Blouse with sweetheart neckline.Ireally did not know that this little bit of change could make such a dramatic difference. The first time I wore this top my friends loved it for its pattern color and I was surprised to get compliments on the uneven hemline also. So that calls for a little pat on my back. I have written a short tutorial on how to achive this kind of a hemline. This tutorial can be used for any pattern you have with a peplum or by drafting your peplum as well. Check out the tutorial here.
I loved testing for this pattern. Thanks Amity for this opportunity. I am going to make many more versions of the Gunmetal.

So did you like my top ? :) I am sure you must have loved the pattern so I just wanted to let you know ,there is a discount of 15 % off for this new pattern, you can purchase it from here.


  1. It's such a cute dress! I love the lace overlay and the beautiful color! It turned out so great!

    1. Thanks Heather! Until I completed the top i was not sure how the color woulf look with the lace overlay:D

  2. Very cute. I love the fabric. :)


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