Monday, 18 November 2013

Tutorial : How to draft a stylish peplum

Free pattern drafting tutorial on how to draft an asymetrical peplum for a very stylish look

I have some exciting news to share with you all today :) After I made the Gunmetal dress, I wanted to share how I drafted the asymmetrical peplum. This is a very easy method of converting an existing blouse pattern with a peplum to the look you can below in the picture.
So why wait. Here we go!
Materials Needed:
1) A blouse pattern with a peplum.- You may have a store bought pattern or a self drafted pattern.
2) Paper to draw the new pattern on. Is must be at least 10 inches longer and wider than the existing peplum pattern.
3) Stationery - Pencils , Scissors , Scale

Here is the summary of the procedure. Refer to the text below to get the complete details.

A free pattern drafting tutorial on how to draft an asymetrical peplum. This gives a very stylish look to any top or dress. Simple and easy tutorial on pattern drafting

Step 1 - Place the peplum pattern on the new paper. I used the skirt of the Gunmetal dress.I could have used the burda blouse which has a peplum too. Make sure the seam allowances are removed.You can add them to the new draft later after step4.

Step 2 - Extend the side seam line by 6.5 inches. I found this length to be optimum.ANything longer might result in long tails at the sides, which might not be very appealing.
Step 3- Mark the end point of the newly drawn line as A. And the end point of the Centre Fromt line as B. Join A and B.
Step 4 - Cut out the pattern from paper. Add seam allowance all around except the edge which will be placed on fold.
Step 5 - Cut out from fabric and sew and create your own versions :) 

Well this was a piece of cake isnt it ? Let me know if you try it out.I would be pleased to receive an email from you or a comment on how you liked my top or tutorial.

Have a great day!!

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  1. Once again a very nice dress and loved the details provided. Keep up the good work :)

  2. This is such a flattering top, Diya. I love the lace sleeves and the square neckline!!!

  3. that is absolutely adorable! great tutorial, too! thank you!

    1. Glad you liked my top! Thanks Jaya

  4. Hi Diya
    I LOVE your version of the peplum!
    This is on my list to try when I make the gunmetal again:)
    Kate :)

    1. Oh Really ! Thats nice. I would love to see your version :)

  5. Wow that's great and so easy! Thanks for the tutorial!


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