Sunday, 14 December 2014

Ombre strawberry shirt in sheer fabric

sheer fabric blouse or shirt for women made with strawberry fruit print with notched collar. convertible collar. button down shirt
Long sleeved blouse pattern

P.S:This post is going to have a lengthy rant about the fabric I chose then the nice part about the pattern.  skip the rant and jump below to read about the pattern, if you wish.
Making this blouse was a SHEER DIFFICULTY. I mean it.. All along there were skipped stitches, zig-zag stitches magically turned themselves into straight stitches. I have made many from sheer fabrics. Not once did I stumble while sewing them. It was almost a breeze to make the cowl neck top and the collared blouse in sheer. For the Polly top it was a test of patience but not once was there any troubles with skipped stitches. I wonder what was it that was different this time with this sheer(or sheesh??) Georgette.

Monday, 24 November 2014

Fun Floral top + another Japanese book

I love black, who doesn't. It makes such a lovely contrast for many prints and patterns.It is lovely used as such for a dress or top also. Well why am I talking about black when the top I am posting about today is not in black but is floral ?? Any guesses. That is because this post is all about the Basic Black book. Well the book has got a lot more in it than just black. so ready to read more about it.. Let us continue..

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Top with interesting neckline pleat

Heya.. First of all.. Dont be surprised to see a post about a summer top in a winter month. This was made long long ago but coming up on blog now. Its time I checked off my backlog. Well it is not a backlog of finishing unfinished garment lying in my sewing room, but blogging about those which I am using already and they have not yet claimed their presence in cyberspace on my small blog:D . Today I am writing about a super cool top I made. The fun part if the crossover neckline pleat. it i a very creative design and I made it from the My Image magazine.
Top or blouse with pleated neckline the pleat i crossover made from my image sewing magazine with a fabric which has leaf print and back closure with hook and eye

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Making Dress-F...(a dress with interesting sleeves)

Hello readers :) Before I start writing the details of the dress I made from Stylish dress book. I have a few thoughts lingering on my mind which I just want to share. To skip these not-relevant thoughts and read about the dress jump to next paragraph. Let me start off. I have started to realize that maintaining a blog is not easy. My blog is far much simpler to look and no advertisements etc etc. But still each time I make something I have to plan how I will take pictures(good ones so that you can see details clearly). I have to plan the content of how my post is going to help you by reading it. I have to edit the pictures crop them so that it loads quickly for easy viewing. And I have to upload link of my latest post on my other pages. Phew! Well for a hobby this is quite tiring. But still I continue to do it out of joy :) And I am glad you are reading and following it. Thanks a lot :) Now back to the dress. ...(Click below to read more)
Dress F from stylish dress book by tuttle publishing dress with slit at neckline and a line silhouette also the sleeves are having bow ties and split till armhole
Get the look of the model in the book and my model wearing it! Pretty much same na?

Friday, 15 August 2014

Delia cropped jacket from the Magic Pattern book

I want to talk so much about this new book by Amy Barickman - The Magic Pattern Book:). The title itself sounds so exciting right !? MAGIC. What is so magical about it . Read more and find out. Also let me know if you are ready for more magic(wink)

Jacket sewing pattern for beginners without lining made form the magic pattern book by amy barickman founder of indygo junction. Yellow jacket with blue chevron or zig zag print. simple collar and three fourth sleeves
                 Image source                                                               Delia cropped jacket form the book

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Introducing Sewloft Sewing patterns + make

Recently I came across a new(at least to me) Indie pattern company. There is something really unique about this one which I am going to write about in this post.  (Click on link below to read more).

Sewloft sewing pattern downloadable pdf sheer blouse patter good design for chiffon georgette with stand collar and drawstring waist
The side pic. Drawstrings always flatter the waist. Like them:)

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

"Stylish Skirts" - Book Review (Have a look at what I made from it too)

There is a new book published just last month devoting to the most popular garment in the 'She' community (also for those who sew). It is the Stylish Skirts book by Tuttle Publishing. There are a lot of points which make this a unique book which I am going to review now. I made a skirt from this book(which I have fallen in love with).As promised in my previous post, I share my personal opinion and experience of using this book and details of what the book offers here in this post:) (so continue reading...)
Stylish skirts book review by tuttle publishing sewing book japanese author cargo pocket skirt
Stylish Dress book review / Skirt S - Linen skirt with Cargo Pockets from the book

Friday, 27 June 2014

The Eve clutch review + Customized bow

Last time I posted about the making of my leopard print handbag(Thanks to all of you who really liked my bag and left your motivating comments:)felt very happy reading them), I did make a mention that I had previously made a clutch too. Well, here it is, presenting the making of a clutch in floral with a bow(I have been really busy these days!) Read more and find out all the customization I made.
clutch or purse with bow on the front and floral print. Lot of pockets and handy. Handmade with pdf sewing pattern eve clutch by chris w design
Presenting the floral purse with a bow front :)

Monday, 23 June 2014

Pattern testing - Easy Breezy Blouse + Tutorial

Today the gossip I am going to share is about the latest pattern out in the online market for home sewers :) And also I am a guest at the So-Sew-Easy website sharing(I might not want to call it teaching :P, I am no big teacher LOL) a tutorial on drafting sleeves for a sleeveless blouse/top.
Sewing pattern with gathers at neckline suitable for sheer fabrics and beginners released by so sew easy available for purchase on craftsy

Monday, 16 June 2014

Sugar and Spice Handbag pattern completed + Review

There is a leopard printed bag now in my room!! I made it (tap dance;)). I feel any dressmaker will feel the urge to make a bag or two sooner or later. I made a clutch a couple of weeks ago. It was so lovely that I wanted to make a handbag too:) Read all about the pattern I used and my experience making the bag.
Handbag sewing pattern pdf printable nag made with satin fabric with leopord print and black contrast with rings
Growlllllllllllllll.. Leopard inside :D

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

A drawstring dress from a kimono tee

I made a casual dress with a drawstring at the waist and pockets(my favorite). So whats the big deal right? Well the point here is this is a pattern hack. I drafted this pattern from a simple kimono tee by Maria Denmark patterns. It actually is not very different from the original. Just a few extensions and I got a new dress.(Click the link below to read more).
Free sewing pattern maria denmark kristen tee with kimono sleeves and boat neck easy and super for beginers

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Polly top in sheer chiffon + Pattern hack + Sewing Indie

The moment I decided to use chiffon for this tank(Polly top by BHL) top, I knew it is not going to be easy. As I had to treat two layers as one for getting the depth of color. Phew!! Pinning and Patience were the key elements to complete this top:D. Finally its done and here it is.I have a lot of useful tips also to share when it comes to sewing with chiffon(Click on link below to read full post).
Polly top free sewing pattern by hand london made with chiffon fabrics french seams
Polly top in sheer chiffon with a little twist!

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

My Image the lovely sewing magazine

(Update: Use the coupon code SPRING14 and get 2.70$ off on your order. Hurry ! Before May 31st only :) Enjoy My Image)
Heya.. today I am going to speak about a tunic which I made and love its style. Its from a sewing magazine which I shall talk a lot about in this post, so make sure you read till the end. before that I wanted to mention something that last week I was featured on the pattern review web site as the member in focus. That was something that cheered me up:). Also thanks to all of you sweet ones who appreciated my fuschia layered top. I am working on a tutorial. It will take a while to get it up, so bear with me.Now back to my tunic with a zippered front and double peplum hem with peter pan collar and contrast piping.
Tunic dress with zip at the center front and peplum hem made form sewing magazine with multi sized patterns and english instructions for women my image

Thursday, 8 May 2014

A tank top with lots of layers..

Hello :) Any guesses on which pattern I used to make this top??.[Click below to read more]

Friday, 2 May 2014

Pattern Testing - Carry all bag...

I made a bag !! So let me talk about it today. I made it a while back for testing the pattern and have put to good use for almost a month now. It is the carry all bag pdf pattern by So sew easy. Let me share my experience of making the bag right here with lots of close up shots.[Click below to read the complete post]
carry all Bag sewig pdf pattern . With slip pockets and zipper pockets. handmade bag with floral cotton.

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Buffi's Dress Design-Book Review

Have you heard of Buffi's Dress design , the latest release form Storey Publishing? You must have, if not no probs I have a lot of things to talk about it here. I just made a Jump Arund dress from it today and also I write my opinion and experience here to share with you all :) Read on...(Click below to read full text)

Jumper dress pinafore dress style with straps waistband and pockets made from cotton printed fabric Buffi dress design book review storey publishing
Buffi's Dress design book/Jump around dress made from it

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Sassy Librarian Blouse - Completed!

Heya !! Today its time to talk about my latest creation ( adding a lot of close up shots to observe the details ;))- The Sassy Librarian Blouse. Have you heard of it ? This is a class at the craftsy platform.I am totally in love with the class and the pattern.[Click on the link below to read full Text]
Sassy librarian blouse by Christine haynes craftsy class blouse with tucks
Sassy Librarian blouse :)

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Ruching all the way !!!

Yayy!! I made a dress out of my most coveted fabric. I purchased this floral cotton fabric like a few months back with bright floral print and a soft texture. I was so fond of it that I had to skim through many of the patterns to finally make this one. I have saved all the scraps of this fabric(grin) Somehow I love floral prints. Okay ! Cutting down all the 'Like-Dislike' talk.. Let me talk about the pattern I used , how much I love it and about ruching. (Click on the link below to read complete post)
Floral fabric printed cotton dress with asymatrical ruching or gathers with zip at the back and cap sleeves

Friday, 24 January 2014

Polka dotted blouse from Ottobre magazine

I am kind of super excited writing this post. That is because I am totally in love with this new blouse which I made. I had blogged about it in my previous post here. It included a fashion illustration on how I envisioned it with contrasting ties as well. Well finally I chose to make the bow tie in a contrasting fabric but for the sleeves I stuck with the main fabric itself. (Click on the link below to read complete post and get to know all the details)
Blouse made form ottobre magazine with polka dot and bow tie

As seen on cut out and keep .. Sewing superstar

The author of theHobbyHarbor blog (thats me of course ;)) is interviewed as the sewing superstar this week. Cat mailed me and asked if I would be interested in an interview at her crafty website cutoutandkeep. Why Not!! There are a lot of creative people around there adding there naught and crafty projects. Check it out and get inspired too.
Each day of this week one of my How-to projects has been featured.Of course all of them are related to sewing. It took me some months to get this up. I had been busy not being online and not blogging for the past months :( But finally its up (Whistles!!)..
Click here and read the complete interview and know more about me , if you are interested. Thanks Cat for featuring me.
Have a great weekend all of you :)
As seen on cut out and as a sewing superstar

Saturday, 18 January 2014

How about learning Fashion illustration !?!?

This question was on my mind, for quite some time- "How about learning Fashion illustration !?!?"And finally I took the first step. I made an illustration of a to-do blouse. And I am sharing it with all of you:) Its not a very mature drawing. But I guess I can excuse myself because it my first fashion drawing. I am not keen on getting all the details of the facial features. But I want to visualize the fabric , print and design on paper before I get deep into the project. Read more to find out all details..(click on link below to go to full post)
Learning fashion drawing of a polka dot blouse

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Confessions of a sewaholic's sewing goals - 2014

sewing goals for a budding fashion designer
Its already 2014 Jan. Gosh ! It just feels like 2013 just flew too quick. I had no intention of writing this post on the first of Jan or so. But I had been building on this post. I had been ruminating about how I can make things more organized at the blog and in my Sewing room. Every time I got some ideas I just jotted down and now I feel the list can still grow. But let me not be too ambitious instead I compiled the most important ones here. These goals are going to be useful for me as a seamstress and also for you because you get to read more sew-licious posts often :)
So here we go ...
sewing goals for a budding fashion designer
 This sounds interesting. I still do not know how many more ideas I am going to implement. But I can confidently say that this goal is already in implementation. I have gotten myself some old cardboard boxes to contain all my sewing notions. Also I have started using newspaper for pattern drafting. So it can be recycled after I am done with that block or it can even be stored. When I write the pattern information with a my red color marker pen it is very much visible through the print. How about purchasing only natural fabrics? Well I cannot commit to this one yet. Because there are so many wonderful prints that come up in the artificial fabrics.. that it gets a little too tempting for a seamstress to get reins on purchasing only natural fabrics...
Do you have anymore ideas to add to this goal ?
sewing goals for a budding fashion designer
 For the past one year or so that I have begun sewing I think I have learnt quite a few techniques. As we travel on the road to become an advanced seamstress, the list is endless. So I am going to start a new link where I shall list down the sewing techniques which I would want to learn and master this year:) So you bet! You get to see more complex projects!
sewing goals for a budding fashion designer
 I am going to get myself some more books on variety of topics. Draping is on my priority!! And that means more reviews on books and more juicy stuff for you to read !
sewing goals for a budding fashion designer
 Yep ! You heard it right. I shall host a sew-friendly giveaway. When and what is going to be a surprise of course.:) Thanks to all of you who have been loyal readers of my simple blog and encouraging me with your comments!
sewing goals for a budding fashion designer
This has kind of kick-started. But still a long way to go. I need get things more organized at the blog. More user-friendly navigation - this is top priority here.
sewing goals for a budding fashion designer
This one is on the last of the list. But as I write it I am chanting this task a number of times off late. There are at least some 10 projects which I did not blog about last year. somehow I feel that if I do not blog about it . I never made it LOL. There are all in a queue because they need to be clicked. I have been wearing and enjoying but there has been no photo-shoot for them :|. So this is first on my list !

So what have you got to say. Excited to read more posts. I hope so :) Looking forward for yoyr contribution and support. Have a great day!!