Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Confessions of a sewaholic's sewing goals - 2014

sewing goals for a budding fashion designer
Its already 2014 Jan. Gosh ! It just feels like 2013 just flew too quick. I had no intention of writing this post on the first of Jan or so. But I had been building on this post. I had been ruminating about how I can make things more organized at the blog and in my Sewing room. Every time I got some ideas I just jotted down and now I feel the list can still grow. But let me not be too ambitious instead I compiled the most important ones here. These goals are going to be useful for me as a seamstress and also for you because you get to read more sew-licious posts often :)
So here we go ...
sewing goals for a budding fashion designer
 This sounds interesting. I still do not know how many more ideas I am going to implement. But I can confidently say that this goal is already in implementation. I have gotten myself some old cardboard boxes to contain all my sewing notions. Also I have started using newspaper for pattern drafting. So it can be recycled after I am done with that block or it can even be stored. When I write the pattern information with a my red color marker pen it is very much visible through the print. How about purchasing only natural fabrics? Well I cannot commit to this one yet. Because there are so many wonderful prints that come up in the artificial fabrics.. that it gets a little too tempting for a seamstress to get reins on purchasing only natural fabrics...
Do you have anymore ideas to add to this goal ?
sewing goals for a budding fashion designer
 For the past one year or so that I have begun sewing I think I have learnt quite a few techniques. As we travel on the road to become an advanced seamstress, the list is endless. So I am going to start a new link where I shall list down the sewing techniques which I would want to learn and master this year:) So you bet! You get to see more complex projects!
sewing goals for a budding fashion designer
 I am going to get myself some more books on variety of topics. Draping is on my priority!! And that means more reviews on books and more juicy stuff for you to read !
sewing goals for a budding fashion designer
 Yep ! You heard it right. I shall host a sew-friendly giveaway. When and what is going to be a surprise of course.:) Thanks to all of you who have been loyal readers of my simple blog and encouraging me with your comments!
sewing goals for a budding fashion designer
This has kind of kick-started. But still a long way to go. I need get things more organized at the blog. More user-friendly navigation - this is top priority here.
sewing goals for a budding fashion designer
This one is on the last of the list. But as I write it I am chanting this task a number of times off late. There are at least some 10 projects which I did not blog about last year. somehow I feel that if I do not blog about it . I never made it LOL. There are all in a queue because they need to be clicked. I have been wearing and enjoying but there has been no photo-shoot for them :|. So this is first on my list !

So what have you got to say. Excited to read more posts. I hope so :) Looking forward for yoyr contribution and support. Have a great day!!


  1. desperately waiting for your new project and photo-shoot of previous ones :)

    1. Thats nice to hear :) You will not be disappointed Priyanka. Thanks for stopping by..


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