Tuesday, 8 July 2014

"Stylish Skirts" - Book Review (Have a look at what I made from it too)

There is a new book published just last month devoting to the most popular garment in the 'She' community (also for those who sew). It is the Stylish Skirts book by Tuttle Publishing. There are a lot of points which make this a unique book which I am going to review now. I made a skirt from this book(which I have fallen in love with).As promised in my previous post, I share my personal opinion and experience of using this book and details of what the book offers here in this post:) (so continue reading...)
Stylish skirts book review by tuttle publishing sewing book japanese author cargo pocket skirt
Stylish Dress book review / Skirt S - Linen skirt with Cargo Pockets from the book
Book Title - Stylish skirts. To purchase the book - click here(I am NOT any affiliate).
  • ISBN-13: 978-4805313077
  • Author : Sato Watanabe

I have made clothes from The Stylish dress book before. The best part is that the series was packed with a lot of unique designs and patterns. What makes this book different is that there are no patterns to be traced out. But there are detailed instructions on how to draft 23 skirt designs.(YES IT IS 23 - and each one is different).
The book contents-
*The first pages of the book are devoted to pictures of all the styles included. Each skirt is pictured neatly on a mannequin(Like the one on the cover) and the author shares some tips on the design and fabric to use.It is easy to navigate to the instructions as the page numbers are right beside the photos.
*Then there are tips on how to take measurements and add wearing ease to the skirts. Later comes the exciting part - the step by step pictorial instructions to draft the designs using the simple measurements like waist  and hip circumference. Those who dislike reading a lot of text - this one is for you. The pictures are really easy-peasy to grasp.
*Every skirt there are detailed layout diagrams, brief text sewing steps elaborated with pictures. Every technique like adding facing or zipper is pictorially explained.By pictures I mean sketches here. You can have a sneak peak of the book here for more insight.
Stylish skirts book review by tuttle publishing sewing book japanese author cargo pocket skirt
The Side View.
About my skirt -
*I chose to make the Skirt S - Linen Skirt with cargo Pockets. I used cotton gabardine. The attraction of this skirt are the cargo pockets. It is a flared skirt with invisible zipper closure on the center back.
*The instructions were really neat and I had no difficulty in making it. I love the simplicity of the book. It cuts down all the talk and it is to the point precise.
*I added as little as 3/4th inch ease at the hip and 1/4th inch ease to the waist. And I followed the instructions as the author suggests. With no adjustments I got a perfect fit too.
*The only additional thing I did was to add a velcro to the pockets which was not mentioned in the book.
Stylish skirts book review by tuttle publishing sewing book japanese author cargo pocket skirt
More details. Howzda cargo pocket. Super handy.
For whom the book can be useful- Anyone who loves to sew :)
*You will not find something like a tailored skirt with darts. The styles are more casual ones. There are flared skirt styles, Wrap skirts, Balloon skirt, Paneled skirt styles and also lined skirts.I wouldn't say you will like all the styles int he book. But if you like 10 then it is good enough.
*If you have made at least one skirt then you will find at least some 7 easy skirt patterns in here.
*The rest are little more complex which can satisfy someone eager to get their hands dirty with pattern drafting and sewing(intermediate to advanced I mean).
*You get to learn to line skirts, sew plackets, zips , gather , pleat and much more.

The only thing I miss is that there are no cute models wearing the skirts(Like in other Japanese craft books I have seen). I would rate it an 8 on 10.
Stylish skirts book review by tuttle publishing sewing book japanese author cargo pocket skirt
Just another pose!
So did you like my skirt? Let me know if you have any questions too. Happy sewing. I shall be posting another review next week. Till then Happy sewing.


  1. Awesome machi and nice color though:-) Just courier to ma place lol:-) Looking so good on you!!!

  2. Very nice. I can see how this skirt design you can create different looks depending on the blouse you pair it with. Just curious, but do you have a serger machine?

  3. The red and grey are a great colour combo, Diya.

  4. Those pockets are great. Really modern and fresh looking.

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