Saturday, 27 September 2014

Making Dress-F...(a dress with interesting sleeves)

Hello readers :) Before I start writing the details of the dress I made from Stylish dress book. I have a few thoughts lingering on my mind which I just want to share. To skip these not-relevant thoughts and read about the dress jump to next paragraph. Let me start off. I have started to realize that maintaining a blog is not easy. My blog is far much simpler to look and no advertisements etc etc. But still each time I make something I have to plan how I will take pictures(good ones so that you can see details clearly). I have to plan the content of how my post is going to help you by reading it. I have to edit the pictures crop them so that it loads quickly for easy viewing. And I have to upload link of my latest post on my other pages. Phew! Well for a hobby this is quite tiring. But still I continue to do it out of joy :) And I am glad you are reading and following it. Thanks a lot :) Now back to the dress. ...(Click below to read more)
Dress F from stylish dress book by tuttle publishing dress with slit at neckline and a line silhouette also the sleeves are having bow ties and split till armhole
Get the look of the model in the book and my model wearing it! Pretty much same na?