Monday, 24 November 2014

Fun Floral top + another Japanese book

I love black, who doesn't. It makes such a lovely contrast for many prints and patterns.It is lovely used as such for a dress or top also. Well why am I talking about black when the top I am posting about today is not in black but is floral ?? Any guesses. That is because this post is all about the Basic Black book. Well the book has got a lot more in it than just black. so ready to read more about it.. Let us continue..

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Top with interesting neckline pleat

Heya.. First of all.. Dont be surprised to see a post about a summer top in a winter month. This was made long long ago but coming up on blog now. Its time I checked off my backlog. Well it is not a backlog of finishing unfinished garment lying in my sewing room, but blogging about those which I am using already and they have not yet claimed their presence in cyberspace on my small blog:D . Today I am writing about a super cool top I made. The fun part if the crossover neckline pleat. it i a very creative design and I made it from the My Image magazine.
Top or blouse with pleated neckline the pleat i crossover made from my image sewing magazine with a fabric which has leaf print and back closure with hook and eye