Monday, 24 November 2014

Fun Floral top + another Japanese book

I love black, who doesn't. It makes such a lovely contrast for many prints and patterns.It is lovely used as such for a dress or top also. Well why am I talking about black when the top I am posting about today is not in black but is floral ?? Any guesses. That is because this post is all about the Basic Black book. Well the book has got a lot more in it than just black. so ready to read more about it.. Let us continue..

If I have to coin a one-liner about this book then it has got to be this - 'It is packed with lovely feminine patterns'. There are totally twenty six styles of dresses , tops , blouses and coat. All photographs are in black, bit that does not mean it looks good only in black LOL. The author chose black because she says she wanted to to dedicate a book for her love for black:) Now that is so sweet.I could not find any black fabrics in my stash but I wanted to try out something from this book very badly. As I have had experience before using patterns from Japanese sewing books(Read about my skirt with cargo pockets here) I was a little skeptic because the fit is very baggy. You may want to read about it the Dress ).I chose the Dress V which is a simple A-line bodice featuring a boat neck and tiny flutter sleeves. 
Floral is always fun!!
The surprising fact is that this book is different the patterns are divided into three groups as per the fit. Like 'fitted', 'loose' and 'With darts and shaping'. This Dress V belongs to the third category. I was pretty happy with the way the fit was. size chosen was small. The suggested fabric was fleece. I chose sheer Georgette fabric. since it is very light and transparent I decided to line it with white crepe fabric.
side view. Not very fitted but graceful. Glad it is not loose
The patterns have to be traced from the 2 large sheets provided at the back of the book. The best part of this publication is that the patterns are not redundant. Like with one bodice there are multiple variations. Thus saving the effort of tracing for users. The sleeve pattern is also inter changeable between styles.
The instructions are diagrams . I find them complete enough but it is personal preference many have found it sparse and less detailed.
There are some glitchein the publication though. Like for pattern m, n the pattern description page mentions that the pattern is on 'side-A' whereas it is on 'side-B'. Also some pattern pieces are named differently on the pattern description page and differently on the pattern sheet itself. Like a neck band and a stand collar is used interchangeably. There are a couple of more things like this I noticed but not a big harm if we are vigilant while inspecting over the pattern sheets.
Close up of the tiny sleeve
Dress V from the Basic Black book
But I really appreciate the fact the Tuttle publication has translated it to English and done such a lovely job.
I did not do any modifications to the pattern apart from lining it. It is beautiful with the boat neck as it is. I love this book and I am definitely going to make more of this. Glad I purchased it.Getting inspired to buy one for for yourself,get it here.


  1. Beautiful top, those sleeves are lovely. I love Japanese pattern books and this one is very tempting.

    1. Good to find company who love them :) Thanks.

  2. I haven't risen to the challenge of tackling any of the Japanese books yet, but I love the fit of your new top.

    1. Thanks Faye. While making a guesstimate on how much ease is there in the patterns from Japanese sewing books , must say it is a challenge;)

  3. Love your new top.. SO pretty, and the fit is great.. Happy sewing.. Look forward to seeing what else you make from your new book.

    1. Yep fit is simply great I feel comfy and happy about the sizing. Thanks for your encouraging words Judy. I have a couple of more patterns to try from this book


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