Wednesday, 31 May 2017

This blog has moved

Its been a  long time and I did not update this blog. I have been busy with home and family and there has been no time. I am grateful for all you lovely people online who supported me through my online sewing journey.
Why because?? I decided to create a new online presence with much more professionalism. Sewing is going to no more a just a hobby so why HobbyHarbor, is what made me think on these lines?
I used to make clothing for myself and very frequently. Many times when people complimented my clothing and asked where I purchased them from,I used to coyly say 'I made it'. Then there was this common response like, 'Wow, make one for me'. I did not take heed till some close friends and family started encouraging me to take my passion to another level. Finally, now I have decided that I will open up and sew for others. I am going to start small. I spent some months deciding a name I would call my small-passion-business, creating a logo. I would still blog about my sewing makes but not here on this blog.

 My new online presence shall be called SunbirdSews. I hope you will follow me there too and provide me your encouraging words.I managed to set up the blog and create a FB page. I have added some of my past makes so far. In the coming months the speed of updates will be faster, as now I am going to devote my full time to it rather than just a hobby.

Right now the online presence of SunbirdSews is still in infancy and this is the first time I am telling someone about it. Do check out the new space and hopefully you will follow me on the new journey. Here are the links..

I am ever grateful for all those of you who took time and wrote your comments , for all the lovely people who featured my work online, you have motivated me a lot!THANKS!

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  1. I have missed seeing you post, but I'm glad to see that you are still sewing - just with a different motivation. I will following you through Bloglovin and Facebook and wish you oh so much success!


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